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Activities / Services related to "Land"


"Sokraki Downhill MTB"

We will be transferred by car, us and our bikes, up in one of the most spectacular & green hills of Corfu Island. That would the hill that on top of it, at almost 400m above sea level, “Sokraki” Village is situated.
Before we start our downhill, we will have the opportunity to pay a visit on a panoramic place overlooking the whole part of our cycling route towards sea level.
As soon as we start, the “snake” road, the amazing view of the distant ocean and the “Ano Korakiana” village laying underneath, will strike us deep in the heart.
Afterwards we will rapidly descent passing through the traditional “Korakiana” village, following a big drop, while immediately after the smooth descent towards “Agios Markos” village, will keep us refreshed with the flow of the outdror air.
The road is full of green, olive trees, fig trees, grapes, lemon trees and much vegetation.
Our downhill tour will end at sea level, at “Ipsos” beach, where we are going to enjoy a soft drink and admire the calm sea.


"Spartilas Village onto mt Pantokratoras"

There is only one place on Corfu island that will make you completely understand where exactly your holidays are taking place. And that is the mount “Pantokratoras”, a mount with a monastery dedicated to “Almighty [Pantokratoras] God” located at the top edge of it. Hike with us, while we start our activity close to the beautiful village of “Spartilas” on a green hill side. Soon we will be needing to use narrow paths to get to highest point of our hike. Immediately after the climbing, we will be moving almost horizontally through bushes trying to reach a graphic ruined old Orthodox chapel, almost at the edge of a rock on the hill side. The view of the underlying beaches, while facing the south side of Corfu Island itself, is really breathtaking away! This hike is a bit demanding but will give us an unforgettable experience with the nature and its Panoramas!


"Mount Pantokrator Downhill Gravel"

Gravel (3,13 Miles - 5Km)
This is probably one of the best MTB tour on Corfu Island. It involves gravel, tarmac and the most spectacular panoramic of the Island.
Firstly we have to get on the top of the tallest mountain of Corfu Island. This is Mount “Pantokrator” (Mount Almighty) which is 910m (2950ft) tall. This mountain overlooks the whole island from North to South. It is not strange that monks have used its top for building their monastery.
Our car will transfer us up there along with our bikes. From that mountain we will perform a really long descent all the way down to the east coast of the island reaching sea level.
Initially we will start at around 900m above sea level and slowly descent to around 700m. Lots of turns & stone road will challenge our skills.
This initial view of Greece / Albania / North Epirus sea straights  will be breath taking. The tall hills surrounding our tour will teleport us back in antiquity time, where men use to live almost away from any kind of sea civilization by the fears of Pirate nations.
First 5 kilometers of the descent are on gravel, while the rest 10km will be on tarmac.  By saying this we need to clear out that part of the tour will be a bit slow and part a bit speedy. But  anyways one think is for sure.... we are going to love this remarkable activity!
Tarmac (6,63Miles – 10,7Km)
We will proceed with the descent from 700m to almost 50m above sea level while being only on tarmac. We will enjoy full down hill through unique green areas, trees, bushes, narrow roads & a couple of villages.


"Achilleion - Gastouri - Agia Kyriaki Chapel"

From the Achillion Palace, built for the Empress Elizabeth of Austria (Sissy), this walk takes you on an exploration of “Gastourion” village and to the summit of Mount “Agia Kyriaki(288 meters). The hike passes many spots associated with the Empress, and there are several lovely viewpoints which  the best of all is up to the chapel, facing the magnificent view of east coast with picturesque “Pontikonisi (Mouse Island) and Corfu Town. Our descent will bring us in a very dense vegetation hill side with really narrow paths, with bushes, olive tress and “ghosted” & ruined abandoned shepherd houses. Along this path we will also find many different kinds of mushrooms and the famous beauty of Corfu’s mounts, the “wild purple orchid”.  


"Vatos to Mirtiotissa"

Behind “Vatos and backing the golf course, there is a conical mountain topped where a chapel rises. This walk takes us to its oak-forested summit, offering wonderful views both over the sea and inland. On its descent it will takes us down to “Myrtiotissabeach Monastery and - according to Lawrence Durrell - the best beach in the world'. At the end of September we will have the opportunity to taste the delicious native wrist of the area fruits by the name of “Koumara”. The bees of the mount are making a unique flavor honey out of that fruit that its use is recommended to people suffering from Diabetes. From the beach, a long and steep ascent on a delightful path through shady olive groves will guide us back to our starting point.


"The "Vouno" & the WaterWorks"

This hike combines the “Water Walk with the magnificent mountain, the so called “Vouno”  &  “Agia Triada” (Holy Trinity) Chapel on top. We will commence our hike at sea level following the “Benitses” village river.  Once we reach mt “Stavros(Cross), then the ‘’Vouno’’ & the chapel of “Agia Triadaon the top, high above “Benitses”, awaiting us as a whole new world to explore. The nature is quite green and dense of vegetation, specially of bushes and olive trees. This hike has a “water theme”,  as soon as we pass by the chapel.  A spring besides a water stream and a 19th century waterworks are the main protagonists of this theme. On our last hiking section we will follow an old pipeline down to  “Benitses village again.


"Angelokastro. BrickLayer Path."

In this hike we will be able to immerse ourselves in the era of the early Roman knights. We will visit a unique “Byzantine” (Eastern Roman) fortress and admire the fantastic views of the north west coast on this ramble along ancient paths and country lanes. Built on top of a green hill with very old olive trees, there is an ancient village with a history that goes back to the 13th century A.D. Probably the first inhabitants were craftsmen who have helped in the building of this famous “Angelokastro” (Angel’s Castle). The most important path, the “bricklayer path” connects this castle with a wonderful coast situated on the west of Corfu, the famous “Saint Georges” beach,  small port of the past era, where all the supplies were disembarked before getting into the castle by that path.   Highlight is the “Makrades” village, known for its old architecture,  maintained until today.


"Ano Korakiana by MTB"

Starting from “Dassia” village, we will proceed to “Ipsos” beach, and that is the warming up of our tour, since this initial few kilometers are almost quite flat without significant changes in altitude. Following a paved narrow alley to the picturesque village of “Agios Marcos” (Saint Mark), an old Venetian settlement of carefully restored stone houses and a “Byzantine” (Eastern Roman) chapel, we will start to climb slowly towards the highest point of our ride. The climb that follows after “Agios Markos”, it is softerand leads towards out peak goal, which is the village of “Ano Korakiana”, one of the most colorful & traditional villages of Corfu island.   These foothills of mount “Pantokratoras”, Corfu's tallest peak, offers stunning views of the island’, wide plains and of course of “Dassia” & “Ipsos” Bay. In the “Ano Korakiana” village we will pause our cycling efforts at a local café shop to enjoy a tradition snack, before starting to downhill in order meet the scenic seaside road that leads back to “Dassia” village.


"Boukaris Coastline MTB Tour"

This bicycle tour is really special for coastline lovers. It starts close to “Moraitika” village, through the “Messonghi” river and follows the great roller coaster road that develops for at least 8 km near the coast line. The overview of the north part of Corfu Island is magnificent and in the path some really small bays with restaurants and coffee shops will give us a chance to stop for a refreshment, while enjoying the inviting sea and mountainous nature on the horizon. After our break stop, we will proceed with a right turn returning back to our starting point.


"Corfu Town MTB SeeSights"

Our tour starts close to the port & initially unfolds itself through the narrow paths of the middle ages Corfu Town, where we will have the opportunity to admire the old Venetian style of construction plus the two “Venetian” fortresses of the town. On the suburbs of Corfu we will be able to pass by the  ancient temples of “Diana”, “Hera” & “Apollo”  of 6th century B.C. Close to them, we will meet two of the oldest Christian churches of the island, functional or ruined, “Iasonas & Sosipatros” Apostole’s temple & the Byzantine (Eastern Roman) “Neragiha” Virgin Mary’s temple, situated by the ancient city walls. But that is not all. Close to them is located also the oldest monastery of the island, the “Saints Theodoros”, 5th century A.D.. We will also visit “Kanoni” (canon) area with its majestic view overlooking the famous “Mouse Island”, the former king’s of Greece Palace, a green area full of thousands of different plants & of course the former British Governor Palace with its ancient Doric style construction, prior to the conclusion of our tour.

Traesure Hunting

"Mon Repos Odyssey"

Odysseus” left troy after the city has fallen into the hands of Greek army of King “Agamemnon”. The Treasure Hunting begins with “Odysseus” and his companions leaving city of Troy on their way back home.
In their sailing back to Island of “Ithaka”, and kingdom of “Odysseus”, they face dangers, monsters, gods, witches and giants.
Help “Odysseus” reach its kingdom resolving the puzzles. On your quest with “Odysseus” meet :
1. Poseidon's Buried Trident
2. Hades Well
3. The Gates of the Unknown World
4. Olympia Road
5. The Shrine of the Champions
6. Olympian Treasures
7. Apollo's Temple
8. Sibligades Passage
9. King Alkinoos Palace
10. Princess Nafsika Rooms
11.Hera Temple
12. Tiresias Prophecies
13. The Olympic Games
This mysterious adventure can be modified for Kids or Adults. All welcomed!

Bike Rental

"Bicycle Rental MTB - Trekking"

We are renting 29 wheel bicycles. Category is MTB or Trekking. Our bicycles can be delivered on spot 15-20km around Corfu Town.
Bicycle types

1. Ideal Strobe MTB 29', 24 gears, 34 teeth rear sprocket
2. Ideal Movic Trekking 29', 23 gears, 34 teeth rear sprocket
3. Lombardo Sentiere MTB 29', 23 gears, 34 teeth rear sprocket


"Governor & Paleo Cave MTB Tour"

This is one of the the most amazing bike tours of Corfu Island.  The adventure begins close to “Moraitika” village onto the main road but soon after it follows the narrow countryside roads of south Corfu. Our first stop will be to the Paleolithic cave by the name of “Grava” which is situated on a hill’s roots just 200m away from the main road. In the same area we will have the opportunity to visit the WWI’s military Serbian camp’s spring of 1916 and what’s leftover of the WWII‘s German AA emplacements in the region. We will then proceed parallel to the coast line and through the dense olive tree countryside. Our second stop involves the visit to the 1 out of the best 10 oil of olive production establishment’s in the whole world.  It’s oil is world wide know by the name of “The Governor”. What follows next is the visit in the village of “Agios Matheos(Saint Mathew) where the descent of the downhill road will lead us back and close to our starting point.


"Kombitsi Woods Hiking"

A breath away outside Corfu town is a place that does not look like any other on the island. A really green forest stretching from "Viros“ village to "Kombitsi“ village & "Triklino“ area is the place of our relaxing hike. Tall Oaks, Pines  and Chestnuts trees combined with other species of trees & shrubs give the feeling like of a fairy-tale adventurous forest. This pristine area is ideal for walking, cycling not excluded, in the lush vegetation and wildflowers. The most important attraction of "Kombitsi" village is the ruined mansion of the "Kombitsi's" family, noblemen of the 18th century, of whom the village was named after. This "Palace", now a private home, is a P-shaped building with a simple, but elegant architecture, that points to a renaissance convent with arches around its large inner courtyard. Another important attraction in "Kombitsi" area is the impressive, restored Venetian fountain of monumental character, with a very interesting Baroque architecture, from which the village was formerly supplied with water for many years.


"Pantokratoras Monastery - Agios Mathaios"

The monastery of “Pantokrator“ (God Almighty) is located in the southern Corfu, close to “Agios Mathaios” village. The overview of the understanding region is breathtaking and fulfills a human’s soul with calm and admiration for the vastness of the sea. Our hiking activity will start at “Agios Mathaios” village were will be able to sea the “Ionian Pelagos”. This sea with it’s spectacle blue color will come to our sight as soon as we hike to the top of the hill, reaching the famous monastery. After a small stop at this really spectacular panoramic we will proceed to the descending part of our hike, following a narrow path, through a nature dense of olive trees and bushes. On this hike we will have the opportunity to outline & visit some historical places concerning the area. One of the is “Grava” a Paleolithic cave in the area.


"Herimitis Ecosystem Extended"

This hike is unique as it goes almost 10km (6.2 miles) along the North East coast of Corfu Island.  We start close to “Nissaki” village and follow the paths along the fantastic coast line till, and, including Herimitis Ecosystem [“Nissaki”, “Gialiskari”, “Kalami” & “Agios Stefanos” villages]. The path we follow is full of rich vegetation, some nice and lonely villas, traditional fishing villages and of course the well known “Herimitis Ecosystem”. The eco-system of “Herimiti” is situated along the coastline of “Sinies” to “Kassiopi” which is found on the North-East coast of Corfu. This area is known for its beauty and environmental importance.  Its dense vegetation, crystal clear beaches and two lakes, merge as one not only to create a unique location but also one of the few unspoiled areas still remaining.


"Mount Pantokratoras Protected Zone"

This is the easiest hiking tour on "Mount Pantokratoras" but still offering the opportunity to see the lower shores with the very well known breathtaking views that this mountain offers to its visitor.
The hike is almost always on the same level of altitude & consists on a quite big circle tour around the side of the mountain that faces Corfu Town (SW).
The ground is almost leveled in the beginning while from the middle & later, some losing or gaining in altitude will start to take place & the ground will be a bit rocky.
The last part of the tour is towards  the highest point of the mountain which is around 980m or 3000ft.
This tour is taking place within the wild life public shelter where hunting is prohibited for by the law.


"Crab Lake & Durrel's Farm"

This a classic sportive MTB tour with a combination of off road tracks.
It can be started both from Corfu Town or "Gouvia" area and gets into the green area of "Poulades".
Olive trees, low bushes , tarmac, gravel and countryside narrow roads, climbing and descending, birds, hawks, are some of the characteristic labels of this route.
Target is the "Grab Lake", a small lake situated in the middle of a green "nowhere".
What follows next is one of the off-road tracks that leads towards one of the "Durrel's" houses and particullary their farm, close to another nature's "middle of nowhere" land, the so-called "Gaidarana Lake".
"Gaidarana Lake" is a big protected nature area, an old system of lot small lakes that were almost esicated in the middle of 1800's by the Venetian authorities.
The "Gaidarana" area these days is used for horse farming  and we are going to cross it all along on mountain bikes.
The nature of the area is green and dense and we will sure find time for a small snack and drink brake within our ride.


"MTB up to Achiles Palace"

We will start from Corfu town, cycling towards “Gastourion” Village Hill, about 4 miles  / 6,3 Km away, following an almost straight paved path with no shorts of any difficult climbing. What follows next it’s the climbing to this very old village, with its “Achillean Palace” build by the Kaiser of Germany Wilhelm B’. There we will make a walking tour inside the Palace & have a stop for some soft drinks into a fantastic Café, with a spectacular view of the Eastern Ionian sea. After that, we will face an easy, fresh and speedy downhill with marvelous cornering down to the sea of “Perama”. We will continue to follow the seaside road all that way towards the national airport & pass across the sea lake through a narrow bridge, before arriving again in Corfu Town.