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Activities / Services related to "Sea"

Sup - Kayak

"Corfu Town Old Fortress Tour"

Corfu town is characterized by the presence of two fortresses. One considered to be “new”, since the middle ages, and one “old”,  perfectionated also in the middle ages, especially under the dominion of the city of Venice, but firstly build during the time of the “Eastern Romans”, a time well know in Europeans, as the “Byzantine Empire”. Today in the 21st century, we are willing to meet this big construction under a new perspective, and that is not on foot inside it, but rather while being at sea level, were the breeze will keep us alive and happy for the whole activity time. Visit this “defensive complex” using: a) SUP (Stand up Paddling) or b) Kayak Snorkeling equipment will be provided anyways!


"Paleokastritsa & Skeloudi Caves"

Paleokastritsa” is a magnificent rocky coastline place on Corfu, with amazing beaches, crystal clear waters & some interesting caves. According to traditions, “Paleokastritsa” was firstly inhabited by Spartans colonists while on their way to Sicily.  A bad weather situation forced them to stay in this place forever. The location was mythologically bonded to “Odysseus” adventure, through Homer’s “Ulysses”. It was here that “Odysseus” was found almost dead and rescued on the beach by “Nafsika”, daughter of “Alkinoos”, king of the island. Nowadays “Paleokastritsa” is very well known as a top touristic destination while still  holding on it’s peek a monastery dedicated to “Virgin Mary” with a couple of monks in it. Our main means of tour in this sea is the kayak, focusing on a extremely nice activity around all the beaches of “Paleokastritsa”. It is just a highlighted tour for really sure!

Sup - Kayak

"Kardaki Active Tour"

The ancient temple of “Kardaki” (510 b.C.)  dedicated to an unidentified till today deity, possible Apollo, is named after the close by spring (“Kardaki”). Characterized by Doric, Ionic  & architectonic styles of the “Magna Grecia” (Ancient South Italy) the temple is located close to the beach while the spring is even closer, almost at shore. The famous ancient historian “Thucidides” mentions in his books the “Kardaki” location by the name of “Meteora”. Our tour is actually taking place along the shore of this ancient temple. The coast we are paddling in modern times, is along a vast public garden, by the name of “Mon Repos”, where one century ago the British ruler had his mansion, and after him the ex-king of Greece had his “Summer” Palace. The point of no return of our tour is the “Kardaki” spring and thw   stone old dock, a spot for public swimming and snorkeling. Sea bottom is full of a weed called “Poseidonia” and this presence demonstrates the healthy sea environment of this close to town region.


"Snorkeling - SeaDoo® SeaScooters"

Are you a snorkeling fan? Well, we got some options for you to choose!
Whether you like to snorkel in the classic way, whether you like to snorkel in the modern way using an electric motored SeaDoo® Seascooter, we got you covered!

Cruise - Activities

"Speed Boat & Skipper [Vidos & Lazaretto Isles]"

We are offering Motor Speed Boat service cruising close to Corfu Town  and around the small Islands of "Vidos" & "Lazaretto", where our Sea Activities are taking place involving Kayak, SUP and Sea Scooters for electric propulsion snorkeling. Consider this as a half day tour package with lots of fun.   Engine: 140Hp Cruising Speed: 30 M/H Capacity  : 6 persons Crew:  Skipper / Lifeguard Including: Drinks and Snacks - Fuel and Taxes Dep.Bases : Marina Gouvia

Sup - Kayak

"Mouse Island Sea Tour"

We will have a really great fun while stand up paddling or kayaking round the most famous small isle of Corfu, the so called  “Mouse Island”, a name after its shape.Our target is a circle trip around that island. The west side is swallow waters, while the east is deep & this is the one with the most clear waters. We will also have time to stop on the south East side of the isle, the “Mouse’s tail” for a small but refreshing snorkeling brake.

Sup - Kayak

"Kommeno Bay Rowing Experience"

Let us row in one of the most calm and green bays of Corfu Island. The tour will commence close to the famous chapel of “Candlemas of Christ” while in the distance “Gouvia’s” Marina is clearly visible and full of leisure sea vessels. Our activity will follow the sea path towards the “Durrell’s family Villa” through a visit to the old “Venetian shipyard”.


"Anemomylos & SeaDoo® Sea Scooters"

Anemomylos” (Windmill) is a famous place inside Corfu Town. Most of the residents of the “Garitsa” suburb visit this place for bath in the summertime, while in the winter some of them, by the name of “The Pinguins" practice winter swimming activities. Our fun will begin by using “Anemomylos” area as a starting point of our snorkeling activity involving electric Sea Scooters (SeaDoo®). Our goal is the “Kardaki” dock, close to an ancient temple of 510 b.C. Sea bottom of the area is full of “Poseidonia” sea plant, rocks and small fishes. After a rest stop at “Kardaki” dock we will end our activity possibly with some diving opportunity given by the existence of a 3m tall wooden dock in the area.

Sup - Kayak

"Garitsa Bay SUP School"

“Garitsa Bay” is one of the most know bays on Corfu Island all through history. It is located on the east side of the island which actually has the highest possibilities of calmest waters especially in Summer. This bay It is very well protected from NW and SW wind gusts, which are the most common, so it is the ideal place under windy weather conditions to learn how to Stand Up Paddling. “Garista Bay” offers a great view of Corfu Old Fortress and it is one of the preferable places of yacht anchoring on the island after the Marina in Gouvia. Our SUP school - tour involves paddling between the Old Fortress and the very well know place of "Anemomilos" (windmill) dock, offering calm waters, safety of a close bay, plus a historical panoramic.

Cruise - Activities

"Boat & Skipper [Vidos & Mouse Island]"

This is a Motor Boat service suited also for families with toddlers.
Cruising is long Corfu Town  and around the small Islands of "Vidos" & "Lazaretto", where we will drop in the sea for snorkeling with the use of electric SeaDoo® Sea Scooters.
Engine: 30-40Hp
Cruising Speed: 10-15 M/H
Capacity   : 4 persons
Dep.Base : Around Corfu Town
Welcomed : Couples - Families - Small Group & Friends
Crew           : Skipper / Lifeguard
Including: Drinks and Snacks - Fuel and Taxes


"Garista Bay Swim"

This is one of our swimming activity tours and it is situated in the most known bay of Corfu Town, the "Garitsa Bay".
The port of the ancient city was situated in this bay, nowdays being empty in the winters while in the summer a lot of luxury vessels visit the bay for a stop.
This swim is suited for those that would like to swim the full length of the bay, back and forth, from one side to the other and that is from "Anemomylos" (Windmill) dock to the "Old Fortress" sea walls and back
The lifeguard escort is one SUP following the swimmer/s providing soft drinks and guarding.
Swimming can be done with with fins, mask and tube at the max otherwise no equipment at all.


"Mouse Island Swim"

Starting from the beach of "Kanoni" (cannon) the swim is not only reaching the "Pontikonisi" (Mouse Island) itself but also to swim around it and the back straight  towards the shore again.
The lifeguard escort is one SUP following the swimmer/s providing soft drinks and guarding.
Swimming can be done with with fins, mask and tube at the max otherwise no equipment at all.



If you are resident of a "Villa" and feel that a more "Hotel" combatible activity is suited for you, then this is the case.
Our trainer will guide you through many aquarobics exercise.