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Activities / Services related to "Snorkeling"


"Anemomylos & SeaDoo® Sea Scooters"

Anemomylos (windmill) is a famous place inside Corfu Town. Most of the residents of Garitsa suburb visit this place for bath in the summertime, while in the winter some of them, by the name of "Pinguin Team" practice winter swimming activities. Our fun will begin by using Anemomylos area as a starting point of our snorkeling activity with our electric sea scooters (SeaDoo®) while we snorkel till Kardaki dock 1.5Km away. Sea bottom is full of Poseidonia, a sea weed, lots of rocks and small fishes. We will have a rest stop at Kardaki dock and one more on the return root, ending our activity with some diving opportunity given by the existence of a 3m tall dock in the area.


"Snorkeling - SeaDoo® SeaScooters"

Are you a snorkeling fan? Well, we got some options for you to choose! Whether you like to snorkel in the classic way, whether you like to snorkel in the modern way using an electric motored SeaDoo Seascooter, we got you covered!